MUA £1 nail polishes -Review

Hi Dolls!

Today I’m reviewing 3 MUA nail polishes I got in my recent superdrug haul 🙂

The polishes are just a £1 each and come in a big selection of different colours, however they are quite small but the colours are all so gorgeous so I thought I would try some out! 😉




So….I bought 3 pastel shades ‘Truffle Cream’ which is a soft brown, ‘Pistachio Ice cream’ which is a soft mint shade and ‘Ameretto Crush’ which is a lovely muted rose colour…

I wore the ‘Ameretto crush’ for around 3 days and in that time I repainted a few times  (even with a top coat)  it took 2 coats to properly cover my nails however the colour is surprisingly pigmented 🙂

The packaging reminds me alot of ‘Essie’ nail polishes!

Although I found the formula to chip alot I think for just £1 each with such a wide range of colours I would probably buy more of these because alot of the time I prefer wearing nail polish for a day at a time instead of several days wear…

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 🙂

-Nina @ Louiina xo

3 thoughts on “MUA £1 nail polishes -Review

  1. Omg why haven’t I ever heard of these or spotted them before..£1 each!! The shades are extremely pretty, Truffle Cream is my favourite, a great any occasion affordable polish. I agree they look extremely similar to Essie nail polishes at first glance. I’ll definitely need to pop into my local store & pick these beautiful bargains up. Thanks for sharing hun. xx

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