UK/Korean Blog beauty swap! (Thanks AJ!)

Hi Dolls!

Yesterday I received my second ‘beauty swap’ package (check out my other post for my haul from the USA) from fellow beauty blogger ( ) the lovely AJ (check out her blog she often reviews really cool & interesting beauty items!) who sent me a whole bunch of gorgeous cute Korean beauty products (and candy!) :-)…
I admit I was not expecting such an Amazing box crammed full of these amazing things (I was nearly hyperventilating! Haha) as I’ve always had a fascination with anything beauty from places like Korea & Japan…..these things just aren’t sold in the west :-/

I didn’t really have a preference about what I wanted AJ to get me infact neither did AJ so we got each other a random mix πŸ˜€
I had seen on her blog she often talked about ‘Etude house’ and ‘Tonymoly’ and I noticed quite alot are from either of those places πŸ™‚

Thanks again AJ!!!  (My sister Louise says ‘Thankyou!’ Aswell) πŸ™‚



The packaging! Gorgeous! The banana hand cream smells like those candy bananas I had as a kid! I don’t want to open any of it, just look at it! πŸ˜€








I can’t wait to review all of this!

-Nina @ Louiina xoxo

p.s..unrelated to this post but wanted you all to know that while me & Louise appreciate being nominated in tag posts it’s not something we want to do on here, hope you all understand xx

7 thoughts on “UK/Korean Blog beauty swap! (Thanks AJ!)

  1. I buy those Korean chocolate-covered sunflower seeds all the time here in Taiwan – they’re soooooo good!! Also I have that TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist, so handy and small enough to take in my carry on when I travel!!

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