Liz Earle Mini Haul &Freebies

Hi Guys

Hope you’re all well 😀

My review today is a selection of products from the very fabulous Liz Earle! You should all have guessed by now how much we love this brand, so I’ll get started ☺️

First up are two blushers in powder form

image image image


The one is the Healthy Glow Powder Blush in Nude. £16.50 for 6g, this is bigger than the cream blushers (which I absolutely love!) The sleek compact is mirrored and is very well made and strong. Nothing flimsy about the LE packaging. The website states ‘subtle rosy apricot. Brings a warm delicate flush’ and while it is a beautiful shade, I found it a touch too much for my pale skin so my sister now uses this colour and it looks amazing on her skin.

So I got my beloved Camellia in the powder (have only previously had the cream blush which I adore and use it lips, cheeks, eyelids…)

image image image


This shade is my all time favourite blusher colour ever! It even beats my Clinique Iced Lotus! I also love the fact that ingredients include that beautiful natural source vitamin E.

I would highly recommend the shade Camillia to anyone with a pale complexion. It just lights the whole face up 😊

image image


This Lash Care Intensifying Mascara Base was included as a free gift in my last order. A lovely letter came with it saying that it was included as I am a valued customer and how LE would love to hear back from me…some feedback. So I will do it here then everyone can read my thoughts on this base, but first I just wanted to say a big thank you for this😊 LE are so very thoughtful and appreciative towards their loyal customers. It makes us feel special ❤️

Right, back to the base. ‘Enriched with a specially selected blend of botanicals to help condition lashes’ it certainly does do what it says it does! I love this! I do use a mascara base every single day so this wasn’t wasted on me and I put it to use straight away. It lengthened my lashes just like my regular base does, but this one seemed to make them look more glossier after the mascara was applied. Must be that natural vitamin E again! Also has Jojoba Seed oil and is £10.50 for 8ml. I’ll definitely be purchasing this base regularly from now on.

image image image image


This Nourishing Hair Oil is for all hair types and is £17.25 for a 50ml pump.

I didn’t buy this though because this was a Facebook competition win! You had to comment on the Facebook post on what you look for in good haircare, I did not really thinking I would be one of the 20 winners, and I was! ☺️

So thank you very much LE! A lovely way to try the newly reformulated Hair oil. So here’s my review on it…..

I actually prefer the new ingredient. The Yangu oil was replaced with the seed oil from the Kalahari Melon and I feel that although it smells the same, it seems lighter and sharper in smell. I used the older Yangu version and did notice sometimes my hair could be slightly static after use, not now though! I slide it through wet ends…really work it in then blow dry. It makes my hair so soft and manageable and it really does reduce blow drying time. For me about half the time. The smell too!!!! That irresistible smell! 😊

The ingredients are heavenly…a dream for dry, damaged or colour treated hair. Coconut oil, Abyssinian seed oil, radish seed oil, natural vitamin E and the new Kalahari melon seed oil. What more could you ask for in a hair oil?! The new colour packaging is better too

Thanks for reading guys, we really do appreciate it xx


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