Clarins – Skincare review!

Hi Dolls!

How was your weekend? πŸ™‚

Today I’m reviewing 2 product’s by Clarins.

I don’t really ever buy/use anything from Clarins however i received some at Christmas (which also came with the beauty flash balm primer which is reviewed on our blog) πŸ™‚
First of all both of these products are 100ml sized (gift sized) and I’ve just checked the Clarins website & to buy individually they are 200ml sizes.



Moisture-Rich Body Lotion



I don’t know a great deal about Clarins as a brand (a few of my friends & family use it) BUT this is such a great body lotion! Infact probably one of the best I’ve used in a long time πŸ˜€

It soaks into the skin in seconds leaving a moisturising, non-sticky kind of matte sheen to the skin.
It has a kind of mild citrus/peachy scent which would make sense as it’s prime ingredients are Peach milk, Shea, Candlenut oil & Orange blossom.

Clarins describe this best as….’Visibly minimises the signs of aging caused by the sun, cold, heating and air conditioning’ so not matter what your age is we are all exposed to these elements πŸ˜‰

This is definitely a ‘considered purchase’ so maybe ask at your nearest Clarins counter for a sample to try it for yourself πŸ™‚

Moisture-Rich body lotion 200ml – Β£30

Exfoliating Body scrub



One thing I hate is exfoliators with big ole beads in them that feel like your skin is being sanded to the bone! Well, this is quite the opposite…. It comes out the tube as more like a paste (kind of looks like hair removal cream!) and after polishing my skin in the shower the dry skin on my upper arms & shoulder’s was removed and smoothed after a long winter of heating and jumpers. The skin was beautifully soft and ‘de-scaled’.

The exfoliator uses natural bamboo powders instead of beads which really gives your skin that ultra polished glow πŸ™‚
The scent is very hard to describe, very neutral & clean I guess I would say…very summery πŸ˜‰

The scrub also won Instyle magazine’s ‘Best body exfoliator’ in 2014 and I can really see why, I love it!

Body scrub 200ml – Β£29

Do any of you guys use Clarins??

-Nina @ Louiina xo

5 thoughts on “Clarins – Skincare review!

      1. If you mean their Flake away body scrub yes I’m currently using it just now😊. I’ve just discovered their products & love their heel genius cream too, actually doing them in a top 5 faves post. I’m on quite a low income so it’s more affordable products i post about. Although I do have some little luxuries I couldn’t live without. Your blog looks really great, well written & very informative. Look forward to reading more & thank you for the replyπŸ’‹xx

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      2. Thankyou! Yes I love their products, especially the gorgeous Soap&Glory scent! I have a blog post reviewing some πŸ™‚ I’ll look forward to your blog post πŸ™‚ x

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  1. Mines was just a sample jar & I did a post on their heel Genuis foot cream, it’s so amazing. I’m going to contact them & see if they work with bloggers as live their products. I Will take a look at your review post thank you so much😊xx

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