Mac Patisserie and Dervish

Hey Guys

I’m going to do a quick review of my two favourite Mac products for everyday use. The gorgeous lipstick in Patisserie and the lip liner Dervish

image image


The last time I visited the Mac counter I asked one of the make up artists to match me up with an amazing everyday lipstick that suited me completely, looked fantastic and went with everything(I don’t ask for much!) Anyway she did do, I didn’t even look at the lipstick name and bought it. When I got outside I realised it was the shade Patisserie that I’d had before. I’d already matched myself up with my perfect shade, but at least the lady in there had done what I asked😊



I just love this neutral shade. I wouldn’t really call it a brown, it’s more like a pale pink but with the depth of a rosy colour and just a hint of brown, or maybe caramel. It’s just very flattering on my pale skin tone.

It’s £15.50 for 3g and this shade is a lustre. I do love my Mac lipsticks in a lustre 💋

I usually use the lip liner Boldly Bare by Mac, but on the same visit, I was recommended the lip liner Dervish to use with Patisserie. Which I then had my heart set on and wanted it only to be told it wasn’t in stock! Don’t you hate it when that happens??? I left disappointed thinking that my new amazing lip look was incomplete. I tried to order the elusive Dervish from Out of stock. Tried to order from Out of stock and House of Fraser don’t carry that shade.

image image


Obviously I got my Dervish in the end. Look at what a great match they are together!? £12.50 for 1.45g, I think Macs standard lip liners are excellent value for money…they just seem to last forever and when you find a shade like Dervish, it’s so versatile you can use it with many different shades of lipstick.

I do love a great lipstick and liner so just wanted to share one of my favourites with you guys 😊

Thanks for reading

Louise@Louiina 💋

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