Too Faced Mini Haul


Hey guys, we’ve got this cute little collection of Too Faced cosmetics here so I better get on with it! 😊

I’ll start with the primer, as you do. This is called Primed & Poreless Primer  and sells for £22.00. It’s 28g (around 40ml worth)

image image


Its a gorgeously creamy caramel coloured primer (bit of a mouthful there!) that goes on smooth and even. It’s extremely hydrating from first application and doesn’t ball up at all. The only thing being a problem for me is I’ve got greasy skin. Too matt I break out, too hydrating I look even more shiny. I really can’t win with primers so this one has gone to my sister. I haven’t used it long enough to say how it performs throughout a day but I will say this, it makes a great even base. Nina will review this herself in the coming weeks. It’s only fair it gets the two reviews😊

Ingredients include vitamins A&C, Mulberry extract and Retinol, so some serious stuff added. The Too Faced site says ‘scientifically formulated to wear under bronzers, foundation powders or alone to achieve flawless skin without using make up’

No parabens and Vegan Friendly

image image image

Next up is the HUGE Size Queen Mascara for  £15.00

If you love a big lash look I’d highly recommend this! It’s actually quite surprising just how massive the wand bristles really are

image image


It has volumising conditioning fibres and really long bristles that stretch and lengthen your lashes to gigantic proportions! A ‘dual helix brush and curl setting formula’ and quite simply, the more coats applied, the bigger the lashes. It does contain parabens and several different waxes but it’s just down to personal preference really. Some people don’t mind a mascara that contains parabens if it can give these massive results!

image image


The Absolutely Flawless Concealer is £15.00 for 8ml and this shade is Vanillia.

This is an extremely full coverage concealer where only the tiniest amount is needed. Even if you were to conceal your full face, an amount the size of a grain of rice would do it, especially using a buffing brush.



Slightly too yellow toned for my skin tone, I was impressed by the coverage and staying power of this. Website says ‘hides imperfections, masks redness and hyper pigmentation while promoting healthy skin’ and I can confirm that it certainly does that.

No parabens and vegan friendly

The last product is their eye shadow primer, Shadow Insurance Primer

image image image


This £15.00 tube really works wonders! A featherweight consistency that creates a perfect canvas for powder and cream eye shadows….they just stay put all day! It’s crease proof too but I only think an eyeshadow primer is crease proof if you don’t apply too much to start with. Highly recommended for the avid shadow wearers ☺️ Contains no parabens. It doesn’t say vegan friendly like the others so if you’re worried just check out the site for all ingredients. now ship to the UK. All prices in pounds sterling with low international shipping rates. Other places that sell Too Faced are

We just love the pretty pink, vintage style packaging and generous amount of product you get in each item!

Thanks for reading guys

Louise@Louiina 💋

6 thoughts on “Too Faced Mini Haul

  1. I love this haul! I have a bunch of Too Faced on my wish list right now and was wondering about their primer and shadow primer. I have been using Bare Minerals eyelid primer for years, but lately it seems to be falling short and creasing. Thanks for the review.

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