Aveda Shampure Collection

Hi Lovelies

These absolute beauties from Aveda are my most definite favourites out of all their vast product range. The Shampure scent is like my equivalent of catnip so I want to share with you these five


The shampoo and conditioner. The hand and body wash, along with the body lotion, and the newest addition to the Shampure family, the Composition❤️


The shampoo and conditioner are the originals and one of Avedas top sellers. Both of these are the regular sized 250ml bottles. The shampoo is £13.00 and conditioner £15.50.

My sister always gets me these for Christmas and the Shampure aroma always reminds me of the Christmas holidays, however, for what ever reason, using these two during the cold winter months can leave my hair quite static filled. If anyone knows why that is I’d be really interested?? That doesn’t matter anyway because my favourite time to use it is during the warmer months. It’s so gentle and cleansing. The aroma really stays with you all day with every swish of the hair you get this great smell. So uplifting!


Nothing can compete with these, you definitely aren’t going to find this quality from a supermarket brand. ‘A calming mix of 25 pure flower and plant essences’ are what set these apart from cheaper brands. The shampoo has Morikue Protein from the Peruvian Rainforest, lavender, Rosemary leaf extract and aloe leaf juice. While the conditioner also has the lavender, as well as peppermint leaf extract, Rosemary leaf extract, citric acid and wheat proteins and amino acids. Pretty impressive, but just using these you can tell the quality. Apart from the winter static issue, these leave my hair shiny/glossy with no weight so leave you with a bouncy, lifted hair style, which is great…no one wants flat hair do they?!


The conditioner is light and goes well with even greasy type hair and leaves it soft and tangle free. The bottles are soft so it’s very easy to squeeze product out (I know some can be very hard to squeeze)

image image image

The hand and body wash is also quite a recent addition to Avedas Shampure collection. This is also 250ml and is priced at £17.00

If you love the shampoo and conditioner, then you will love this too. It is quite literally a hand and body wash version. I really love this. It’s real luxury, whether using in the shower or just for your hands, the sulfate free, babassu nut derived cleanser balances skins moisture and leave it looking clean, clear and smelling amazing…that smell!!!! I just love botanicals and apart from Liz Earle, this is my favourite stuff:)

It contains ylang ylang, organic lavendar, soya bean oil, vitamin E, citric acid and aloe leaf juice.


If you want to smell more strongly of Shampure throughout the day, use the body lotion after your morning shower! 🙂 Have I mentioned the smell!! Hehe

This is slightly smaller at 200ml and costs £23.00

It is very moisturising but it is a lotion, so if you’re needing a thick cream for very dry skin I wouldn’t go for this, or maybe just use during the summer months when we don’t need as much moisturisation. This has lavendar, ylang ylang, sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf juice and organic olive oil. All this lavender included but I promise you it’s not particularly lavendary!

image image image image

The Shampure Composition is the latest addition and one I wanted to try at least halfway through before reviewing. It is £22.00 for 50ml. It does last a long while though as a little goes a long way and it’s been designed so the nozzle allows for one drop a time, so you’re never going to spill it everywhere or decant too much. It’s also in a glass bottle…I love glass bottled products!

The last picture is the composition with the body lotion. It works great together, I’ve mainly used it on its own. It is such a versatile, multi use product (I do love my multi uses!) I’ve put this on my face, neck and body. It’s really non greasy and easily absorbed…I wouldnt use it if it wasn’t easily absorbed as I hate creams and oils that just sit there on the skin doing nothing 😬

It says on the bottle that it provides instant radiance. I can confirm that(for me) it often brings radiance. What I mean by that is when you use it on the night and wake up the next day with crystal clear, well rested looking skin. Yes it does do that. As it smells of Shampure I thought using this on my face might break me out but it did the opposite which was a lovely surprise. I also use it on my hair too, not on dry hair though but wet ends after washing. It gives a very soft finish. I would definitely recommend for dry, colour treated hair(if you want to use it in this way) it does say on their website that it’s for body, bath and scalp so it’s obviously been formulated with great care.

ingredients include a blend of organic sunflower and meadow foam oils, ingredients which you only really see in top quality products.

All these organic and varied ingredients are what makes this special. I don’t use these everyday. They’re my treat for when I need spa like relaxation and these definitely don’t stay in the bathroom for all to use! ☺️

Thank you for reading guys

Louise @louiina 💋



louiina Instagram: @LouiinaBeauty

9 thoughts on “Aveda Shampure Collection

  1. Just reading this post makes me think back to when I was at Aveda for Esthiology and walking out onto the salon floor and smelling all those different scents. Man it smelled good in there. I just wouldn’t use the products for my hair because it doesn’t work well with my texture. But, their body and face stuff works wonders for me!

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