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Hello my lovelies!

Liz Earle time again! I’m having a bit of a thing with LE make up at the moment…it’s just so good☺️



Heres the latest little lot. This is over two separate online orders I made. One for the Signature Foundation and Perfect Fix Concealer and the other was for the March Colour Collection, which is the one I’ll start with.

image image




March Colour Collection

£38.00 plus free delivery. Normal retail value £54.25 based on individual item prices. This collection is available until Wednesday 25th March 2015.

Every month there is a make up collection of three items, but you only pay for two. This month there is the Sheer Skin Tint and Healthy glow Cream Blush in Rose 04. The Light Reflecting Concealer is the free gift (worth £15.50)



The Sheer Skin Tint with SPF 15 is in Bare 01 (for fair skin tones) and has ingredients of Borage and Natural Vitamin E. This alone costs £22.25 for a 40ml tube.

This was just a touch too dark for me at the moment. I think everyone fair skinned will be at their palest right now coming out of our long, dreary winters, but no fear, summer is around the corner (well spring at least!) and this will bring a little splash of warmth and colour to my skin. I’ve come to this conclusion by wearing this for the past few days…I’m just too darn pale right now



The colour seems to have a yellowish tinge to it but once on it gives quite a sun kissed appearance. Not a problem but as I’ve said before, I like my face to match my neck and chest so this ones going to be put away until my holiday in June. Oh, it does give a dewy finish and I don’t feel as though it clogs pores.



The Light Reflecting Concealer is a little tube of wonder! 1.5ml at £15.50 it is £10.00 cheaper than the YSL one and works just as well, if not better! The Borage, Avocado oil and natural vitamin E inside this work amazing for the delicate eye area. Who wouldn’t want that kind of goodness going around your eyes?! It reflects, hydrates and illuminates. It finishes your look beautifully



Obviously more fluid than a foundation, that’s what we want don’t we for this kind of product? Well not to worry as this gives a wonderful airbrushed effect and is completely non drying. I love it!

Next is the Healthy Glow Cream Blush



Now I have fallen in love with these creamy beauties! This one is Rose 04 and bought on its own is £16.50 (2g) It’s slightly smaller in size than its powder blush sister but make no mistake, these are strongly pigmented and last a long time (I use mine on my lips too and take my word for it, they’re hydrating for the lips as well)

It contains Jojoba seed oil, Soyabean oil and Natural vitamin E. I use these cream blushers all the time because apart from the wonderful sheen of colour they give you, they never dry the skin on the cheeks, finish your make up to perfection and are so easy to apply. Did I say the colours to choose from are fantastic??!

image image


One swatch was taken outside in morning daylight, the other inside. This beautiful rose shade can give you a barely there, slightly pinched cheek look or for the more bold, a flushed glow. Wonderful either way.



The Signature Foundation is my favourite all time foundation! £21.00 for 25ml one pump is enough for the entire face. My shade is Porcelain 01

it contains that natural vitamin E and smells so natural. The first half of the day I get the odd smell of it and it brings me comfort because everyone who knows me know I’m a sucker for anything botanical and natural. At first sight you wouldn’t think it can bring the coverage it does, but it really covers the face lovely. Natural looking but will cover redness or spots and creates this gorgeous even canvas. It gives this finish that is natural, yet a full coverage and dewy yet non shiny. How have they done that I do not know but this foundation is never leaving my make up bag, believe me:)



The bottom of the picture is the Signature Foundation, the top is the Perfect Fix Concealer which I use with the foundation and is up next…



The Perfect Fix Concealer is £13.50 for 2g and my shade is Extra Fair 01

it says on the LE website that this is highly pigmented, lightweight and blends easily. I have to agree. I sometimes use this before my foundation straight from the stick if my skins not quite up to it, or over foundation when my skin is behaving itself just for quick touch ups. It just finishes your look great, and has never dried out my skin on the areas I’ve applied it to. As with all the LE cosmetics, it feels lovely on the skin and allows it to breathe…

I can really create a natural look for work using LE make up



I will always give a genuine and truthful review of any product but I rave so much about Liz Earle because for me, my skin is clear when using the skincare and since switching to the make up too, it’s amazed me how using products with ingredients such as vitamin E and Borage, helps keep the skin clear and even benefits it

i won’t put links to individual products, just the main site as it’s so easy to navigate anyway 😀

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment. If you have any suggestions for future reviews, we’d love to hear them!

Louise@Louiina 💋️xx

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