My top 3 face primers!

Hi Dolls!

Here are my top 3 primers….



Laura Geller – Hydrating Spackle primer


If theirs one primer that I couldn’t live without it’s this one! I love it! Thank you Ms Geller! πŸ˜‰
The Hydrating vitamin rich light cream feels lovely and cooling on the skin and contains ingredients such as aloe vera and cupuacu seed butter.
The primer really sinks into the skin allowing for fast make-up application.
The primer is Laura’s first ‘Spackle’  to have a paraben-free formula, which I love!

LG Hydrating Spackle – Β£19.50

Dior Skin flash primer


The Dior Skinflash primer comes in a sleek silver brush head packaged formula and at 15ml it will definitely be a considered purchase, however this primer really has that ‘staying power’ that a lot of primers can lack, especially if you wear very full coverage foundation/Make-up and really makes it ‘stick’ and last.
The primers gives an illuminate glow to the skin on it’s own and really brightens up any dull and dark areas on the face.
Dior describe the primer as ‘Enriched with an energising cocktail of minerals and hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin’ so especially good for a mature skin.

Dior Skin flash primer – Β£29.50

Clarins beauty flash balm


This is my favourite ‘All rounder’ primer as it moisturises, preps and brightens my skin and I will often apply this instead of my regular day moisturizer as it really calms and hydrates my skin πŸ™‚
It contains olive & witch hazel extracts as well as bisabolol which helps to give the skin that healthy glow.
This primer really gives my finished make-up look a more ‘polished’ look πŸ™‚

Clarins Beauty balm – Β£29

What’s your favourite primer/s?

-Nina @ Louiina xo

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