Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

Hey Girls

I had said I was going to review this last week, so better late than never!

Cliniques newest addition to its foundation family is the 2 in 1 foundation/concealer, Beyond Perfecting



The shade pictured is Cream Rose. I had tried Alabaster because that’s my shade in their Even Better foundation, I did find that a touch too dark for me. More about that in a sec….



So as you can see it has this nifty little wand like some concealers have, in fact think of an oversized concealer and that’s what you’ve got here! I like that the container is glass..Must be better that the product sits in glass rather than plastic???

Anyway, on to its performance! If you love full coverage without the feel of a weighty mask like cover on your face, go for this, or at least ask at the Clinique counter for a colour match, or dare I say a sample! (The girls at my local counters are brilliant though it has to be said)

A word of warning though, very little is needed for the full face and because of its 2 in 1 thicker consistency, it it always better to apply this directly after your morning cleanse and moisturise routine, you know when the skin is lovely and ‘damp’. It needs this to glide on and blend in well, otherwise if applied to dry skin, it could drag a bit and not give the flawless coverage it most definitely can produce.

I personally don’t apply this onto my skin direct from the wand tip. I dab some on the back of my hand(as I do with all foundation) and use my Clinique foundation brush to apply(picking up a tiny bit at a time and working outwards on my face) This makes me wonder if the wand is necessary but I believe it was put there for touch up usage, like you’d do with a concealer! 2 in 1 you see πŸ™‚


So here is my shade, Cream Rose. Cream Rose and Alabaster are their two lightest shades but I would say the CR is for the palest skins with pinky/red undertones and the Alabaster is for palest skins with more yellowy undertones



The bottom one is Alabaster, top of course is Cream Rose. So the difference isn’t major but on a pale skin like mine, it can look 5 shades too dark, and when you’re someone who likes to match their face to their neck, getting the right colour is important isn’t it?

I do love this new foundation though. I like a good coverage. I personally find this does as it promises and leaves you looking flawless. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and still lets your real skin breathe from underneath. I’ve worn this for long days at work and never need to touch up(in fact I don’t take it out with me when Ieave in a morning) but I will give my skin a quick dusting with loose powder halfway through the day. That’s down to my naturally greasy skin though not the product.

I will go as far as saying that if you get the right match for your skin, it can make you look amazing!

Β£25.00 for 30ml (Will last ages though!)

Or just go to your local Clinique counter in Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser etc

thank you for reading lovelies

Louise@Louiina 💋💄💅💋


6 thoughts on “Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

  1. Somehow it seems more lush in a glass bottle but not sure about the wand.I usually wait for moisturizer to soak in,that must be where I’m going wrong,Thanks for the tip 😊 x

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    1. The wand is redundant with me Pat, I doubt I’ll ever use it apart from loading the foundation onto it to put on the back of my hand. Gives a lovely finish though. Thanks for commenting πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹ Louise x


  2. Hmm, think I’ll have to give this a try! Alabaster seems like it could be my shade. I think Clinique needs to work on their shades and names (Alabaster for a beige-y yellow? LOL). Nice review!

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