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Hey Lovelies

You’ll all come to realise just how much we love anything and everything Mac (like I’m pretty sure you all do!💄) So here are my latest buys


This powder blush is in the shade Blush Baby and is £18.00 for 6g. As with all Mac colours it’s highly pigmented but is buildable. I’d still go easy with it though, especially if you’re fair skinned like me. It’s a dusky rose kind of shade and quite deep in its shade. I think the name suggests that it would give a soft pinky cheek effect, but make no mistake, this is a serious colour. Too much and you’ll look like you’ve just done a 10 mile run, but a couple of swirls with your brush and you’ll get a healthy looking sheen.



Next up is my favourite lipstick shade, Viva Glam V



This lipglass is £14.50 for 4.8g. Not massive compared to the more standard sized 8/9g lip glosses out there but what can you do when you love a colour!



Unlike the Viva Glam V lipstick, which I think is more of an equal pink/brown hue, the matching lipglass is more towards the brown spectrum. It’s slightly darker than its lipstick sister so obviously gives a bolder look and definitely does when paired on top of the lipstick but it’s still a colour I love. I just go easy on this because they’re more of my everyday shades I wear for work.

I always pair my Viva Glam V with my Mac lip pencil in Boldly Bare

image image


This is £12.50 for 1.4g and lasts forever! It’s well worth the price. Soft on the lips, no drag, yet never breaks off when sharpening. I love the deep rose, almost brown colour. It goes with so many of the Mac lipsticks and glosses! If you like the pinky browns you simply cannot go wrong with Boldly Bare. It wears very well, probably longer than the lipstick or gloss does but isn’t drying on the lip line. I do love a Mac liner!

Now on to my all time favourite, everyday eyeshadow


Retrospeck is a beautiful lustre that can be as light or dark as you want it. It’s a good pigment but you do have to build it up if you want a strong colour on your eyes.



A sheeny brown, almost mossy like shade that really makes blue eyes ‘pop’ it’s very flattering. The swatch above is around four layers of it so you can see it in its full intensity. Very wearable and very easy to apply. You can’t really make a mistake with this one. Lasts pretty much the full day too. Always a winner with me:)

I finish off with….



The Prep+Prime Fix Spray. £15.50 for 100ml, another one that lasts a long time.

It says on the Mac website that it’s ‘A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes make up’

While this doesn’t break me out, sometimes it’s a tad too much for my greasy skin. I find that it’s better to use during the winter months rather than right in the middle of summer otherwise the dewy look you might be going for could end up being more of the oil slick look😁 All in all though this really does do what it says and ‘fixes’ your look, for how long though just depends on your skin type I guess.

Buys I’m very happy with because I use them and know what to expect but we will be reviewing lots more Mac in the coming weeks and months. Always a pleasure:)

Thank you for reading👍

Louise@Louiina 💋



5 thoughts on “Mac Haul

  1. Love the background of your layout. It’s so cute! Viva glam looks so pretty ❤ I wish I could have more money to do a Mac haul x.x Whenever I go in I buy one thing and walk out before I get caught up in all the other beautiful products ♥

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