Clinique ‘All about eyes’ review

Hi Doll’s

Skincare brand Clinique has many different eye creams but their ‘All about eyes’ range has two of my favourites….

‘All about eyes’ (original)

This light gel/serum formula eye cream claims to ‘Diminish the appearance of eye puffs, darkness & fine lines’ well having used this eye cream for the best part of 3 years I can certainly say it helps do just that, however, it isn’t a ‘Miracle cream’ so if you have dark circles don’t expect it to get rid of them in an instant, it does help to soften dark circles but use a good concealer for the rest! 😉

To use I gently dab a small amount using my index finger around the eye area each morning, the cream sinks in within 5 minutes with no sticky residue.

At the grand old age of 28 I have no fine lines…….yet 🙂

‘All about eyes’ 15ml-£26

‘All about eyes’ Rich

This eye cream is similar to Cliniques regular ‘All about eyes’ only alot richer with a thick creamy formula.


This cream basically does the same as their regular eye cream only with a more intense hydration to the eye area.
This cream is especially good if, like me, you have a problematic under eye area (dry patches).This is also going to work well for a more mature skin.
I use this product at night due to it’s richness (used the same way as the previous cream)

What’s your favourite eye cream?

-Nina @ Louiina xo

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