Liz Earle Haul 

Hi guys!

As promised, here is my Liz Earle haul from our shopping trip in Leeds today.  Our first port of call is always the beautiful Victoria Quarter, where of course the fabulous Liz Earle store is situated.

I literally cannot wait to get inside this wondrous haven of peace and calm! I was supposed to be buying all things lip related but that didn’t happen (today!) I desperately wanted/needed the amazing shampoo and conditioner

I did however have to buy the 50ml conditioner(£5.75) to go with the 200ml shampoo(£10.00) I had noticed that the LE website had sold out of all conditioners and the hair oil and QVC had none whatsoever. We were told by the helpful staff that it was to do with the Yangu Oil and failed crops, so we have to wait. Can’t be helped I suppose and they do have some of the 50ml still in stock so I’ll just use it a few times a week.

Why I love it so much? The shampoo is a creamy, foamy botanical explosion! It cleans without stripping colour, contains no sulphates or parabens, so no itchiness and has this amazing smell that’s irresistible to me! Uplifting, calming and soothing are the words I’d like to use to describe it and with ingredients such as West African Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Vera and apple and orange extracts is there any wonder? One shampoo is for all hair types.

The conditioner is very much the same apart from there are three to choose from. Normal, Dry and Damaged and Fine or Oily. I usually choose the latter but I bought dry/damaged today as my ends are in need of it. It’s a very moisturising conditioner and as with the shampoo, very little is needed. I really work it well into the ends of my hair only and always leave it for a few minutes. It contains some of the same ingredients as the shampoo along with Blue Seakale and the Yangu oil. The smell just simply stays with you all day long and even towards the end of the day, you get a sudden whiff of it, which is always lovely☺️

I’ve personally found that the longer you use this duo, the more your hair benefits from it.

Now on to the make up! 

First is the Natural Finish Pressed Powder. This is Sheer Ivory 02 (£19.50 for 10g)

I tried this in store and fell in love with it. It could very well become my favourite ever pressed powder and here is the reason why: it contains avocado oil, borage, soya bean oil and seed oil. The list of ingredients is minute compared to other brands and has no animal extracts (in line with all the rest of the range) it glided on like a dream and just ‘fit’ well on my skin, like it was meant to be there. It gave my skin a wonderful glow, is non drying(but why would it be with those ingredients!) it just seemed to light up my face. I’ll post pictures soon of me actually wearing my favourite make up products and this will be one of them.

The Healthy Glow Cream Blush is an unexpected buy. I’m usually a powder blush girl but this creamy container of heaven in the shade Camellia 01 (£16.50) is another ‘light up your face’ kind of product. This is their lightest, most subtle shade but I like that. I’d much prefer to build the colour up than looked like I’d been cheek slapped with one swipe of colour!

It’s a peachy colour, maybe with a slight hint of pink, perfect! I love it already💞 seed oil, soya bean oil and vitamin E in there makes me feel good. Am I being kind to my skin? I think so 😀

And last but not least, the Brow Pencil in Fair 01 (£11.00)

I bought this because as well as the good reviews I’d read, I wanted something simple yet effective to use on my brows instead of palettes with brushes, wands etc. it’s a good colour match for me and is soft on application with no drag yet it hard enough that it doesn’t break off with some pressure. Contains carnauba wax and vitamin E and does the job well.

I’m very happy with this little lot, oh and I forgot to mention, As with online orders, yes you do get your complimentary 30ml C&P when you buy in store…..

Thank you for reading xxx

Louise @Louiina 💋️xx

PS: I’m just going to leave you with some pictures of inside the Liz Earle Store. It’s just the little details and beautiful atmosphere that draws me back in time and time again

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