Liz Earle – 3 step skin essentials Review

If their is one thing any woman should do, even if you’re a novice in the complex world of skincare is *Drum roll*…Cleanse, Tone & moisturise.


The importance of this ritual is maintaining beautiful clear skin and finding the right products for YOU may take some time and experimenting.

The three wonder products that worked for me are British brand Liz Earle, they really worked wonders for me helping to clear and even out any pigment in my skin as well as preventing those pesky breakouts!


Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser

The most celebrated & awarded of all Liz Earle’s products is their ‘Hot Cloth’ cleanser.The cleanser itself comes with a consistency of a rich body butter and is easily spreadable & smells like a botanical explosion of delights! it’s main ingredients are Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter & Eucalyptus oil, as you can guess it’s incredibly moisturizing yet strong enough to take off waterproof mascara! I love that this cleanser can be taken over the eye.


I apply to cover my face & neck then soak one of the pure muslin clothes in fairly hot water then gently wipe off the cleanser… The cloth gives the skin a mild exfoliation while taking off any makeup and daily crime.


After I pat my face dry with a clean flannel my skin feels instantly softer, cleaner & is very calming, no tightness due to it’s rich moisturising properties. My skin is now ready for step 2…

Instant boost skin tonic

Liz Earle’s Instant boost skin tonic toner is a heavenly blend of Aloe Vera, Calendula, Rose-scented Geranium, Cucumber & natural vitamin E..


I spritz this refreshing delicately scented toner all over my face & neck (Great kept in the fridge especially during the summer months) it feels like my skin is drinking up all the goodness of this natural alcohol-free toner…now, take a deep breath and enjoy that beautiful botanical aroma…

Skin Repair Moisturiser

So now my skin is all prepped and preened the next step is of course to moisturise.
Liz Earle’s ‘Skin repair’ is by far the best moisturiser I have ever used, I cannot applaud this little pot of goodness enough!


The skin repair moisturiser is Liz Earle’s only skin care product that has skin type choices…


I use the ‘Light’ during the Summer months as my skin becomes a little more oily, I use their ‘Normal/Combination’ during the winter and into spring as the product is more moisturising and eases those winter dry patches and redness I can get.


The main ingredients of the Normal/Combination formula are Avocado oil, Borage, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and natural Vitamin E, the scent is deeply relaxing (Almost sleep inducing!) aroma, the cream sinks straight into my skin (I use a 50p sized amount for face & neck) leaving my skin soft, supple and well moisturised.


These three products are well worth trying, I purchased them direct from their beautiful Liz Earle Leeds store costing £44 for the set (can be purchased individually of course) they are extremely generous both in store and online (  ) and always as a goodwill gesture give freebies 🙂 Another wonderful thing is Liz Earle is BUAV approved and against animal testing.
Products bought online always arrive within a few days (UK) and come beautifully packaged.
I encourage you if you haven’t already tried a Liz Earle Product to have a look online or venture into a Liz Earle store, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

-Nina/Louiina xo

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